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Studio 1 - Centred around a vintage, one of a kind 26 channel BBC Studer 903 console and soffit mounted Genelec Monitoring.

Studio 2 - Avid C24 control surface and ATC Monitoring.

Both Recording Studios have a large selection of outboard, preamps and effects from Neve, Avalon, Emperical Labs, Chandler EMI, Thermionic Culture, Maag, Echofix, DBX, TLA, Universal Audio and many more.

We have a comprehensive mic collection with mics from, Neumann, AKG, Coles, Peluso, Bock, Shure, Telefunken, Shure, Sennheiser, DPA and more.. 

We have a Bechstein Grand and Upright piano, a large selection of drums, snares and percussion. tonnes of other instruments, amps and pedals.

Get in Touch for full kit list.

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